Data portability - Expect email from Google with new data policy


Google will soon be sending out an email with the new changes to their policy to have access to data portability.

Google has updated their privacy policy to comply with the GDPR that comes into effect in a couple of weeks. This new privacy policy, which you can now see, is noticeably simpler than what it used to be. Each section of the policy now includes illustrations or short YouTube videos that explain in simple terms what the policy means and what devices and services it covers.

Google will be emailing all its users to let them know about the new policy, meaning billions of people will receive this notification.

One of Google's largest focus will be on data portability. To support this issue, Google recently released the Data Transfer Project on GitHub, which currently offers "early-stage" open-source code that will eventually be available for any developer to enable direct transfers of data between two services.This allows data transfer between any two service providers using the service provider's existing authorization mechanism, and allows each service provider to maintain control over the security of their service.

Data portability should not extend to data collected to make a service operate, including data generated to improve system performance or train models that may be commercially sensitive or proprietary.

Read the article in its entirety here.

For more information regarding the GDPR, specifically in regards to data portability, visit our website and see how we can help you comply with this regulation.

Sebastian Allerelli
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