Data portability likely soon in India


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is likely to recommend as part of its consultative process on data ownership that data portability should be accessible to everyone.

Data portability will be soon coming to India. Consumers will have an opportunity to port their data, which would end data monopoly by a few big players as is the case today. TRAI Chairman RS Sharma described data portability like this:

Data portability means that a subscriber who’s the owner of the data that is shared on any social media site can authorise another such site to take the data for purposes assigned.

Although the article continues with the fact that this comes with a catch. Continue reading the article here:

Data portability will be the new standard in the EU, and is becoming more popular worldwide. Read more as to how you can comply with the rules, and how you can implement as a consumer or a business here:

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