Data Portability will affect lead generation and retargeting tactics


The changes implementing data portability should help improve marketing and advertising.

Just as you are in the middle of shopping for something online, or you are searching for something in your inbox, and you notice that exact item you are looking for, or that idea you were really searching for - How does this happen? Well, when you initially visited a site,or you specifically asked for information, you told the brand everything you needed to know.

At this point marketers have information that is pertinent to you. This is normal, and it happens in a lot of different cases. The issue comes in when brands begin to sell your personal data to third parties, or don't make the effort to protect your data to that there is no room for external breaches. With the revised privacy regulations, it will affect the way brands can collect, store, and utilize the personal data.This should make it easier for consumers to see what a brand is holding onto in terms of your personal information, force brands to quickly report when their data has been compromised and implement more extensive penalties for brands not adhering to these new regulations.

So what is included in "data"? It includes things such as:

  • Name
  • photo
  • email, phone, address
  • social profiles
  • medical information
  • device address
  • internet address

With May 25th close in proximity, these are two of 6 expectations these regulations are designed to ensure:

  • Right to access: A copy of all personal data being housed for any user must be provided for free at the request of the user.
  • Data portability: The right of the user to ask that their personal data be moved to another data controller.

This does not stop marketing or advertising, but rather it makes it easier for the user to know when, and where, and how their data is being used or misused.

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