Government proposes tougher rules to protect UK consumers


This digital innovation would launch a review into how to make data portability work best for all consumers in regulated markets as part of a ‘Smart Data’ review, building on the approach pioneered by Open Banking.

The government has published a new Green Paper that proposes positive changes to help protect consumers from bad practices. Some of these include simplifying Terms & Conditions, as well as those "unexpected payments" that some times come up along with the subscription services. What is green paper though? What are some of the key proposals?

The full article answers these questions and more. Mark Jackson's article can be found here:

Online security practices are a growing theme, not only in the EU, but worldwide. These rules that are being proposed, are trying to help each and everyone as consumers, but also allow us to keep a keen interest in our right of access. That is why data portability is so important, and so valuable. Find out more as how IDLink can help you as a consumer, and as a company at

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