About Us

Safe Online is a Danish company that helps organizations become compliant with e.g. Article 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Safe Online offers a unique solution, IDLink, that ensures data portability in a secure, documented, transparent and compliant way. Our customers are organizations within both the public and private sector.

The team:
Sebastian Allerelli
Partner / CEO

5 years as GRC specialist and developing new IT products. 20 years within international sales.
Morten Søeborg

20 years experience as director in international companies working with sales, distribution and people management
Kristina Lund
Partner / CIO

Computer scientist, 25 years of experience as Management Consultant, as well as CIO for both Nordea and BankInvest.
Nick Todd
Partner / UX Designer

IAM interface UX Designer. Designed several commercial successful applications
Hauke Petersen
Partner / Architect

Architect for several applications incl. Formpipe
and ALD Applications Architect
Thomas Kjær
Partner / Back-end Developer

Software Engineer for several application e.g. FormPipe, ALD Automotiv and Groupcare
Nimmi Thomas
Front End / UI Developer

14years+ of experience as a Frontend and UI developer as well as Accessibility expert
Karamath Ali Pogaku
Front End Developer

Programmer analyst / consultant. 11 years experience developing applications using .NET technologies and javascript frameworks.


Data protection by design

IDLink has built-in data protection by design and by default. All privacy controls can be maintained from the interface. 

Impact Assessments 

Continuous Impact assessments are made on IDLink. IDLink will be subject to penetration tests.

Data Security  

IDLink uses ‘always encrypt protocol’ for data. Data is encrypted on block lengths of 4096 bit in transit and in rest. IDLink will undergo ISO 27001 certification .

Principles & Safeguards

User data is only available for the user and encrypted with two keys. Multi-factor authentication will be build on the same methods described in PSD2

Data Retention

All backup data is encrypted with 2 certificates (4096 bits). Data that has been supplied by a company will only be accessible for 32 days


IDLink has evidence-based reporting built in, to ensure full reporting on sensitive data, deviations and much more.

Privacy & Transparency

We take every possible precaution to protect the privacy of our clients and their customers. Our full privacy policy is available below, but here are a few highlights:

No personal data is collected beyond the minimum necessary in order to provide, maintain, and improve our services.
No personal data from data transfers is retained for more than 32 days
No personal data is used for anything other than the purpose for which it was collected
No personal data is disseminated to commercial third parties
No personal data is sold or rented out to anyone
No personal data is retained in unencrypted form

Read our full privacy policy here: IDLink Privacy Policy →

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